New Year. New, Clean Habits.

Posted on:2017-01-12

For most of us, these chillier winter months mean more hours spent indoors and tucked away from the harsh cold and its elements. But cozying up with loved ones in a tightly sealed environment, like a warm house or apartment, can mean more pollutants in the air and health risks …

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Winter Grilling: Tips for Cold Weather

Posted on:2017-01-08

Baby it’s cold outside, but your grill is coming alive. If you’re like most backyard chefs, you enjoy grilling year-round. Here are some things to consider before you fire up this winter. Safety first. recommends inspecting your grill’s burners, jets, and gas lines for blockages that restrict the gas …

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Green Grill Cleaning

Posted on:2016-11-30

A Greener Alternative to Grill Cleaner So you’re all about using environmentally-safe cleaning products throughout your home from your kitchen and bathrooms, to every floor in your house. But have you stepped outside to see what you’re using to clean your outdoor grill? With the amount of time families are …

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Hidden Hazards of Grilling

Posted on:2016-11-16

The one less hazard to have in your home Over time, hairbrush bristles can fall out; same thing with makeup and paintbrushes, but none of these types of brushes pose a serious effect on your health like a wire brush shedding its metal slivers all over your grill. When you …

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Posted on:2016-11-03

Clean eating shouldn’t stop at your grill These days, all you ever hear about is clean eating. So what is it exactly? According to, “Clean eating is about eating whole or “real” foods—those that are un- or minimally processed, refined, and handled, making them as close to their natural …

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